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Getting started with sewing.

I have always tried new things in my lifetime. About every ten years I would start a new carrier, by this I mean a paid job. I contribute this to be my short attention span. I like taking classes to help me learn new things as I learn better by hands on learning, especially from the experts. After a great number of years in my life, I have learned to be patient and complete most of my projects before starting another. I am sure that I'm not alone in this fault. This blog is my first ever and I am sure that whoever is reading this (if anyone is) can agree since I am all over the place in my writing.

I would like to introduce you to all the projects that I have completed. All items will be for sale. As I continue to learn, I hope the projects will get better. This is my first ever little man cap, which I just love how it turned out. I wish I had a little guy to put it on.

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